Your new Business opportunities with us

Our US Company is located in Fort Lauderdale and we offer specialized services and information for businesses. Our goal is to assist companies to find the matching business partners worldwide and to achieve their targeted corporate objects by using our diversity knowledge. Your company will benefit from our international business contacts and knowledge that is based on the correct culture touch. The initial contact is key for a successful business deals and partnerships.

The below display leads are only a small portion of our interesting worldwide business opportunity and these leads are constantly changing.

Apparel and Textiles    
FSI - 043201 Oct. 2013 Taiwan Looking to buy insole and upper sole for sandals
FSI - 043172 Oct. 2013 UK United Kingdom-Newcastle upon Tyne: Mass spectrometer
Green Technologies    
FSI - 043190 Oct. 2013 Brazil Suppliers of environmental analysis technologies
FSI - 043187 Oct. 2013 Brazil Supplier of wastewater treatment systems
FSI - 043189 Oct. 2013 Brazil Environmental recovery of areas (bioremediation)
FSI - 043188 Oct. 2013 Brazil Biomass treatments and technologies
FSI - 043192 Oct. 2013 Brazil Suppliers of photovoltaic panels and wind towers
Construction and Heavy Equipment    
FSI - 043138 Oct. 2013 Canada Sale and marketing of hardwood flooring products in Canada
FSI - 043191 Oct. 2013 Brazil Suppliers of sustainable building materials
Consumer Goods & Home Furnishings    
FSI - 043108 Oct. 2013 Canada Distribution of promotional products
FSI - 043195 Oct. 2013 Taiwan Looking to buy 2013 new technology corporate gifts and LED lamp
FSI - 043200 Oct. 2013 Taiwan Looking to buy LED torch traveling world time clock
Energy and Mining    
FSI - 043169 Oct. 2013 UK United Kingdom-Doncaster: Natural gas
Financial and Professional Services    
FSI - 043171 Oct. 2013 UK United Kingdom-Glasgow: Financial auditing services
FSI - 043168 Oct. 2013 UK United Kingdom-Craigavon: Development consultancy services
Homeland Security and Defense    
FSI - 043181 Oct. 2013 France Belgium-Brussels: Key skills and competences for defense
Industrial Equipment and Supplies    
FSI - 043193 Oct. 2013 Taiwan Looking to buy XPS extruder machine
FSI - 043194 Oct. 2013 Taiwan Looking to buy quality spring machines
FSI - 043202 Oct. 2013 Taiwan Looking to buy a float switch
IT-Information Technology    
FSI - 043103 Oct. 2013 Canada Support distribution and sales of wireless tech products
FSI - 043105 Oct. 2013 Canada Distributor of wireless telecommunication products and supplies
FSI - 043107 Oct. 2013 Canada Design, administration and network services
FSI - 043184 Oct. 2013 France Netherlands-Zwolle: Telecommunications equipment and supplies
FSI - 043166 Oct. 2013 Canada Distribution services in Canada for OEMs of computers, servers and other IT products
FSI - 043178 Oct. 2013 UK United Kingdom-Wembley: Computer-related management services
FSI - 043173 Oct. 2013 UK United Kingdom-Portsmouth: Software development services
FSI - 043177 Oct. 2013 UK United Kingdom-Southampton: Information technology services
FSI - 043196 Oct. 2013 Taiwan Looking to buy nand flash wafers
FSI - 043197 Oct. 2013 Taiwan Looking to buy StickIt, ready-to-stick USB
FSI - 043198 Oct. 2013 Taiwan Looking to buy Tie USB 16GB flash drive
Life Sciences    
FSI - 043185 Oct. 2013 France Netherlands-Zwolle: Astronomical and optical instruments
FSI - 043175 Oct. 2013 UK United Kingdom-Runcorn: Various medicinal products
FSI - 043174 Oct. 2013 UK United Kingdom-Preston: Company health services
Logistics and Distribution    
FSI - 043104 Oct. 2013 Canada Logistic support in Canada
Security and Safety Equipment    
FSI - 043182 Oct. 2013 France Belgium-Brussels: Supply and installation of general security intercom equipment for the European Parliament
FSI - 043161 Oct. 2013 Canada Security solutions distributor
FSI - 043165 Oct. 2013 Canada Distributor of security systems and parts
FSI - 043164 Oct. 2013 Canada Security systems distributor
FSI - 043176 Oct. 2013 Canada Distributor of security solutions
FSI - 043179 Oct. 2013 Canada Distributor of control systems and other security devices
FSI - 043170 Oct. 2013 Canada Distributor of security cameras
FSI - 043180 Oct. 2013 Canada Distributor of locksmithing and electronic security supplies in Canada
FSI - 043167 Oct. 2013 UK United Kingdom-Belfast: Public security services
FSI - 043183 Oct. 2013 France Luxembourg: Translation services